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What a whirlwhind!

For those that know me, I am a risk taker and have been for many years!

I had a feeling I wanted to start a small business from scratch earlier this year, and I had some fairly good ideas (which I still plan on doing, so watch this space!)

Unfortunately, I had the idea and it sounded great but like life, the timing was not right. I just would not be ready intime, so I decided to leave this as a pipe dream.

The next week, I was scrolling facebook as you do, and I seen a post that I could not ignore. Would you like to buy this business? it is local, has a range of gifts and the name is what struck a chord - Spring Farm Babies.

I have lived in Spring Farm for 7 years now, it is a community filled with charm and friendly people, lots of population but no traffic lights, a small amount of shopping and close to country Camden and Narellan if you need to venture out, its not very far. I only picked land from a piece of paper, but given the denisty of other neighborhoods around us, Spring Farm is the best. I still feel very grateful to belong to the community everyday when I finally arrive home.

And now, not only do I call this place my home, but I also get to be part of the business community too, and be able to offer lots of goodies to complete the nursery of your dreams!

I'm certainly new to the Spring Farm Babies fam, but I am wholeheartedly so grateful and ready for the ride!

Heres some images

Here's where the magic happens :)

I have redesigned the website and eager to know your thoughts - Do you like the new features? (wine is my editing partner, always)

This was a "pinch me" moment, having desks & furniture arrive for the office corner where this editing is taking place

Until next time- Thank you for supporting my dream,


Alyise - Spring Farm Babies

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